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Modern Anesthesia machines are technologically advanced. Machines with touch screens and multi color displays gives the feel of cockpit of a Boeing 777. Anesthesia machines have evolved from gas pipes on wheels to complex sensors, analyzers, controllers and signal processing units that work in total harmony.

New or old machines, hygiene in anesthesia environment remains a challenge. Every Anesthesia provider realizes and recognizes this challenge. Multiple areas of the machines are touched during patient care contaminating the machine with blood, saliva and other body fluids from the patient.

Most anesthesia provider try to reduce contamination by wearing gloves, changing gloves, alcohol hand rub and cleaning the anesthesia machine with sanitizing wipe in between cases. Does this help? Published evidence shows that 75% of anesthesia machines are contaminated at baseline. Studies in literature also demonstrate that majority of pathogens contaminating intravenous stopcock sites originate from Anesthesia Machines.

Let us solve this today.

Murlikrishna Kannan M.D.
Anesthesia Hygiene


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